Tony the submissive model

Dear all,

I am pleased to introduce you a very cute new model at SLA Media: Tony!

I met Tony in our new premises which are a bit less luxury than the one we used to have but they are by far more in line with the start-up company that we are.

Tony is a new starter in the business but he seems to know pretty well how things are working already. He has a flickr account, which is definitely a good start to promote himself, I invite you to visit his stream, you will see that on top of being a cute model, he is also having skills in photography. Actually I let him do the photographs (well most of them) during our interview, a lot better than my shots!

We sat in the sofas and had a long chat. I like a nice model, but I like better to understand the personality and the motivation, and this is what he said when I asked about his motivation to start a porn career.

“I want to become famous so that i will attract high class, famous classy and rich supreme Ladies and serve them. I would not say no to some money too because i need to improve my look further.”

So yes you got it, he is mainly into female domination, but not only, he is also fine with “vanilla” sex in all its forms with women exclusively. He is very conscious that he has to be open-minded to have as many options as possible to have a good start in the business. He has few limits which he expressed that way:

“I won’t do scenes with animals nor anything having me interacting directly with men. No blood or knives either. Definitely BDSM would be my favorite.”

Tony is 39 (2 years and a half experience in SecondLife), he has very seductive blue-grey eyes and a tattoo on his chest. He can speak English and Greek. He is entirely Mesh (including head and private parts). He owns some outfits and is prepared to invest in any new outfit or accessories that would be needed. Tony is available during the week from 11AM SLT to 2PM SLT and during the week-ends from 6AM SLT to 2PM SLT.

I finally asked him to strip to have a look at his body and also to test if he is comfortable with being nude in front of strangers. No doubt allowed he is the kind of guy comfortable in those situations, he displayed without shame his sexy body with a nice hard-on… I am sure he will feature very well in upcoming productions: he has a nice personality, a body to kill for and he is not easily ashamed, even when I asked him to kneel in front of me.

I am very pleased to have Tony on-board at SLA Media, I am sure he will make an excellent model and I wish him a very successful career! I forgot to mention that he will be one of our photographers for the upcoming shooting sessions, we have to put those skills at use definitely!

Below a selection of my favourite shots in his collection:

Talk you soon all!


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