Rosse Buurt: a Mitzy Broadway movie featuring Kioke

Roose Buurt is the last movie produced by Mitzy Broadway, one of the most famous producer of porn in SecondLife. Already available on the blog are:

The premier is scheduled on April 8th!! Yes it is very soon.

The very good news is that Kioke is in the cast for her very first movie. SLA Media is wishing her the best of luck in the porn industry, it seems her career is now launched. I have been informed by Mitzy that she intends to work with Kioke in some upcoming productions.

Click on the poster to watch the teaser:

I found a few pictures of the making of on Mitzy’s Flickr, find below a few samples:

Mitzy and Kioke
Mitzy and Kioke
Curty and Katina

On the last one you have probably recognized Curty Dovgal!!

See the movie here.


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