Marcus Strong: A story-telling photographer

I met Marcus Strong on Flickr and we made a shooting shortly after (see “Investigative Journalism“). The man is cute, this is a fact, but he is also very interesting in his approach of photography: the shooting is more or less a roleplay which immerses you in his universe. Based on the pictures he takes, he builds a simple story to describe the scene : each picture has a comment to describe what happens or the thoughts of the characters. Pretty interesting and erotic, so you know me, I asked for an interview. He kindly received me in his place and I triggered my usual questions to the man.

-“So Marcus, I discovered you through your flickr account. Do you have other media or sites on which you publish?”

I just do flickr for right now. It is where I showcase my work well. I am shown through others blogs and sites though..Namely Dogstar with the Felatio Friday showcase.

-“If you would have to describe your flickr stream in one sentence…. what would it be?”

My stream is a mix of Down n Dirty and Erotic Porn. I don’t apologise for doing porn in secondlife or on my flickr. I like what I do and showing off the sexuality of my work and the people I work with.

-“Why do you do porn? What made you start in that business?”

I do porn because it’s so much fun to do. It’s expressive of love lust and excitement all in one. I started when I was approached at a club. Someone said my look could be really great in adult pictures and movies. So I went for it. Have not regretted it since.

-“Is there some porn you prefer? Some you dislike?”

I like good quality . You see a lot of just bad porn out there as if they took no time to think about casting or shooting. Some just post pictures of them fucking and it’s cool and all but it’s just pump pump wham bam fuck fuck and all that. I truly dislike the pages that plaster the trophy shot, What I mean by that is you can clearly see it’s an ego stroke to someone who is putting up porn . As if it’s a “It’s all about me” True to a degree but I prefer to make it more of “All about us” when I post pics and porn.

-“How would you define your personality?”

Easy going but up front about things. I’m good if you are good to me. Mess around or don’t be straight…We done..that’s it I ain’t got time for it. If you play games..well try cards or monopoly not with my time.

-“I understand you own a company to promote your pictures? What is its name? Why did you choose a company to promote your work?”

My company is called In Good Company productions. A play on words. I use good folks in my productions who I trust who are decent and who do the same for others. I have good names involved with me..Erin Celestialis..Monique LeFry..Partee ..Robert Stein..and many others..I chose it just get my word out and showcase my up and comers and the Great Superstars who have been established and who you really should work with.

-“How did you learn the ropes? Someone taught you? You learnt all by yourself?”

I learned by picking the brains of others and also finding my own path too. I didn’t want to copy a style I borrowed some tips and tricks and made em my own. I take criticism and all that and if I can get tips to improve I will.

-“How many pics do you have in your stream? Would you mind picking 3 to 5? Your favorites and explain why you like them?”

I think its 2k now. Let me check …
1) The first time I got lighting right..and the first photo Partee shot with me…this has been my most popular photo ever:

2) When I started to experiment more with photos:

3) My best shot of a model. the lighting was right..the time was all came together:

4) I am fond of this one. The First Card I ever did. I have a wonderful friendship with Erin. I love the photo of her..I love working with her too.

5) One of the best ones I did with doing an experiment with black and white and color focus model.

6) Finally, no big reason..just a personal favourite of mine:

-“How do you choose your models?”

Personality! If they got a good personality it’s going to show in the photo no matter what the avi looks like.

-“What tools do you use in world for your pics? What tools do you use to post-process? Any hints you could give to beginners?”

I use no tools in world except for the WL settings I have..maybe a face light or a photolight at times. I do use photoshop in the post process to edit blemishes and or lil the beginners..Don’t get down. If you are told no..Well that’s one person telling you no..keep going . Improve and learn..don’t get disheartened.

-“Do you do vids? Do you plan to do some?”

I have not mastered that yet. I want to but time is the thing I need. I star in movies for others. Jennylou has filmed me for 6 of her movies so far recently.

-“So what are your plans? Any new ideas you would like to develop? Any concept?”

I plan on showcasing all the talent that needs help getting a leg up..I am going to try to develop a few series ..I would love to showcase ladies and guys as well.. No concepts as of yet..unless you want to count showing off sex and lust like I do!

-“OK last question….. tell us something surprising about yourself?”

I am a single dad in RL.

-“Thank you Marcus, we are done.”

Thank you Catherine.

We have plans with Marcus to do new shoot sessions soon. As usual stay tuned and do not forget to visit Marcus Flickr Stream.


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