Kioke Mio – The amazing blonde beauty

Let me introduce you our new model: Kioke Mio. She is a very decided 23 yo woman, willing to break through in the porn business and ready to do whatever is needed to succeed. She has some experience already and worked with some people we met at SLA Media, likeĀ Darnell Carter, our splendid black model, who is launching his own porn photograph business:

She worked as well very recently with Elroy Click for whom she posed in a very erotic valentine set:

I had the opportunity to interview Kioke in our office and I really liked her temperament. She is easy to talk to, she commits and is always on time, an essential quality in our business.

I asked her what is her motivation, and this is what she replied:

“I have taken several pornographic photos. Mostly just posing while the artist nudges me where he wants me. I have a lot of expression in my face that I would like to be able to utiliseĀ more though. My expectations are to be able to work with a director or photographer that will be vocal with me, letting me know their vision so I can best help them achieve it with the tools I have at my disposal. I am not expecting money, just the thrill of being looked at.”

This stunning blonde with splendid green eyes is open-minded, ready to adapt and/or buy extra accessories to fit in a particular scene, surely a point that will make her remarkable to producers. About her sexual orientation, this is what she has to say:

“I am straight I suppose… I love men and will always prefer them. But that being said I can really enjoy time with a woman as well. I don’t think my preference would allow a relationship with a woman to go much further than pleasure alone though.”

She has a fantastic physique (wearing a Maitreya body and Bento head with a lot of expressions), does not have any tattoo, however she is wearing a lot of piercings, she likes the feeling of them.

I invited her to a photo shooting at the studio and asked a good friend of me (whom I will keep anonymous) to take the photos … I always liked his style and it seems Kioke has been convinced as well. Have a look at this stunning beauty, willing to become a pornstar … I think she has all the required qualities:

Kioke met our beloved CEO Caroline in the club besides the office. Caroline agreed with me about the qualities, stunning beauty and style of Kioke.

Her flickr account: Kioke Mio

Welcome to SLA Media Kioke, and good luck in the business!!

… and thank you to my secret photographer!

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