Jessica Yamada Second Life

Jessica Yamada – Porn Star and Escort Girl

Our latest pornstar acquisition is Jessica Yamada. Jessica will be working as a model. Any producer who wants to book her for a video, may do so exclusively through SLA Media. Jessica is a very good looking Asian type girl. She is very reliable too and is looking forward to the experience starring in a machinima porn movie.

Jessica’s main profession is the escort business. In the following a bit about Jessica Yamada in her own words:

Most people would say escorting is about sex. And don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely sex involved, but it’s so much more than that. As the world’s oldest profession, there’s been a lot of time for it to evolve into something that is part pleasure and part intimacy. We form connections with our clients that are very special and unique. Each has certain needs and desires that I’m more than happy to fulfill.

Outside of work I am very passionate about music and love discovering new artists and bands. Roleplay has almost always been a part of my life and I love to dress up and create characters. I guess in short that translates to I love shopping! You can also catch me traveling around the grid looking for sims to explore. I enjoy Bryn Oh’s art installments as well as discovering talented sim designers.

For me, sex in secondlife is an amazing platform because you can literally do anything you want. Your only limited to your imagination and land impact. You want to fuck in the middle of the sky as angel and demon? Done. No problem. You want to be in the desert? Snowy mountains? A tropical island? All are only a teleport away.

When it comes to sex, I am a switch, which means I could be more dominant or submissive depending on my lover. I’m more on the submissive spectrum as I am insanely attracted to power and wealth. I am pansexual which, defined means, “not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.”. However due to my more submissive nature, I tend to favor men or other strong personalities.

Jessica Yamada Second Life

Jessica Yamada Second Life


  • Catherine Palen 6 months ago

    Welcome Jessica, you look absolutely gorgeous and I definitely hope you will succeed in the business. I definitely like a lot your philosophy and I quote “For me, sex in secondlife is an amazing platform because you can literally do anything you want” … I could not agree more.

    • Jessica 6 months ago

      Thank you Cathy! I look forward to our adventures!


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