JBHeat Productions: Machinima Porn Produced in 3DXChat

Today’s interview is actually not with a Second Life porn producer. To my utmost surprise a machinima producer who makes videos in the online sex game 3DXChat contacted me. He had seen me posting on the 3dXChat forum that I am interviewing players about their experience in the game.
He wrote me a private message:

Hello Caroline,

I would like to offer you an interview if you would find my involvement in 3dx interesting.
I am the founder of the first virtual 3dxchat porn movie corporation, called JBHeat Productions.
I am among those who use 3dx for some creativity too, not just some naughty online experience

So if I made you curious, let me know and we can meet in game.

Brett Smith

Of course I was curious. Hence we agreed to meet in-game at my favorite club called Fresco. After a bit of small talk I went straight to the point:

Caroline: So you are making porn movies in 3dxchat. Why here? Second Life offers a lot more possibilities for that?

BrettSmith: SL animations are very old. For example penetration, hug and kissing issues depending on the size of the avatars. Rather annoying. 3dx has limitations in scenery and visual options. Not many animations. But they beat what Second Life offers in quality.

Caroline: On the other hand, how many diversification do you have once you filmed at every location? Also the avatar customization is very limited.

BrettSmith: Second Life is way better in making things more colorful. I definitely could use some more scenery or the opportunity to build places and props. But we can’t have it all, can we? Because of limitations, I have to use “movie magic” sometimes to add to the feeling and deliver the purpose and the story.

Caroline: Ok the reason why I am asking this, I am actually setting up a tube site for porn producers. There are many porn producers in Second Life which lack a quality platform to show their work to a considerable audience.

BrettSmith: That’s a great idea

Caroline: Hence my question: were do you show your work and how do you get an audience?

BrettSmith: Have you visited my website, jbheat.com? There is a menu on the top called JBHeat Vault. That takes you to all the videos I have made. I have my own server for that and so the videos are being hosted and stored there. But I also post some of the videos, especially the promos on adult video sites.

Caroline: Does your site get a considerable amount of traffic?

BrettSmith: It’s not enough to make money if that’s what you mean. But that was never the purpose. It’s a hobby of mine.

Caroline: Hence you are not monetizing them at all? Well, I think it would be very interesting to open a category on my new porn tube site for 3dxchat movies and promote yours there. I like that last one the creep. What if I download them to be able to compress them, and then upload them for you on my site?

BrettSmith: That’s a great Idea

Caroline: Now I have one question that came up when i was talking to other producers. Does making those movies actually turn you on sexually, during the making or is it more a creative thing not a sexual one?

BrettSmith: Hehe of course. Especially when I work with someone I personally like – actually I only work with those I personally like.

Caroline: We had this discussion on the site with some users. If you feel like fucking or getting fucked whilst producing porn or if it is just adjusting two avatars to film them?

BrettSmith: Every movie and video you see there involves a person behind the avi.

Caroline: Sure but is that person actually fucking and getting filmed or is that person part of painting a picture so to speak.

BrettSmith: After all we are not here to play cards

Caroline: Well I am not sure if I got it myself, ha ha. This has to do with immersion. So if somebody is deeply immersed with his character or avatar, then a penetration of his character is a bit like getting fucked basically. Just in the mind yes, but it does create arousal. That is not the case when its just putting pixels together for the sole purpose of actually creating a video.

BrettSmith: No, it’s more than that. Let me give you an example of a set. I had worked over 20 years in video entertainment, mostly post production, even for big names like WB or Universal. But most of the time the fastest and best money was made with adult products. I have some experience on that. I don’t do that anymore but here I made it as a hobby, however I make it as real and fun as possible. Which means I direct the actors/actresses.

And yes we do what we do and when it gets really hot she and I both stop working and have at it. With as real as it can get. Lust and emotions Then it calms us down a little we can continue to work. Ff it gets too heated again we repeat as necessary and honestly that’s what we signed up for. To have a good healthy orgasm without std risk.

To give you a little more of an image of how I approach things in here. I do find you attractive both intellectually and sexually and if you have time after this interview I would love to take you to the beach for some nice time :-). By the way. Girls in glasses turn me on really fast. Nothing is better than a smart sexy gal.

( I wear glasses in 3DXChat)

Caroline: Ha, ha looks so clever doesn’t?

From this point on the conversation was more about sex and the experience in the 3dxchat. How it went you can read on my blog here: Second Life Sex Adventures .

Eventually we agreed we will show his 3dxchat machinima on this site. In addition I will actually will be starring in one of his movies.

You will soon be able to see some top quality productions made in 3DXChat here.


  • Brett Smith 6 months ago

    Well written article, Caroline. We will talk about those videos soon. Cheers!


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