Interview of Isa Cheviot, CEO of Dog Star Productions

I had the privilege and the pleasure to meet Isabelle Cheviot who kindly received me at her place. In the porn industry “Isa” is a legend: she owns and runs one of the most successful studio “Dog Stars Productions”.

So who is actually Isa? A pornstar? A director? A photographer? This is what you are about to discover by reading this interview and much more.

“So first thing, thank you for having me in your nice house. Where do you come from Isa? What is your nationality?”

I am from the USA; I grew up in a small town in the state of Ohio.

“When are you born in SecondLife? What did trigger this first connection in the second world?”

My rez date is 03/05/2010 – I saw Second Life mentioned on a tv show (The Office) and thought it sounded interesting and so that’s how I got into it. I didn’t do much for the first 2 years or so I had my account.

“You are today a big name in the porn industry, everybody knows Isabelle Cheviot and your company Dog Star Productions. Why did you come to the porn industry? How do you explain such a success?”

My friend, Liam Erde, was starting a porn company and needed a model for a film. I had shot one film previously and wasn’t looking to ‘make it big’ in the porn world, honestly. Then he had to leave SL and handed over the reins of his porn company to me. That company was called Dog Star. He showed me how to film, how to edit….all of that. The fruits of that early work can be seen in the two films called ‘Izzy’s Bad Day – parts 1 and 2‘. From there, I just enlisted friends and made as many films as I could. Eventually, I got into the porn groups and went mesh and just kept filming. It’s all about content and finding your niche. It was important to me to help new talent get a start so people began to notice that I was potentially hiring for shoots where more established directors were using people they were familiar with and knew they could rely on. I totally understand why they do that – I’ve had more than my share of ‘no shows’ for shoots, etc but I guess that’s how I became known to people, by being someone who would film new people.

“What is basically the concept of Dog Star Productions, can you tell us more?”

I always wanted to make Dog Star about porn – i.e. the sex. I very intentionally film my sex scenes to be more like porn films and less like real movies. Others are WAY better than I am at special effects and set design, etc. For me, there’s a certain charm in making a cheesy porn film with cheesy music, cheesy dialog, and ridiculous scenarios. A good friend calls it ‘porn logic’ – for me, part of the thrill of porn is the idea of people having sex in situations they normally wouldn’t. So for me, success is measured by having people tell me they literally are getting off to my films. That’s the highest compliment I can ever get for my films.
The other thing is that I like to help get new people going in the porn world. So I tend to cast less established people for certain films so they get a break. I can teach them the ropes and I get to meet new people that way. Same for the blog – I like giving people a chance to feature some work out there – spread the opportunity around a bit.

“I used to like a lot the beaver’s digest but it seems to be more slow now. Is it because it was not working or is it because you’re making Dog Star Production moving to something different?”

So, Katina Cazalet was the person doing the weekly digest but it’s amazingly time consuming and RL priorities just got in the way. I would like to see it continue but there’s no budget so it has to be done by someone who has a love of doing it on their own.

“Dear readers, it seems Isa is looking for some help. What does it take to appear on your blog? What advice could you give to newcomers?”

Well to be in a pictorial you need to have a good appearance which means a mesh avy, mesh hair (not flexi), etc. And most importantly, you can’t be a dick. If you demand to be on the blog, or are rude – I’m not putting you on there. If you want to be on there, just ask me. But first make sure you meet the criteria – mesh avy, mesh hair, overall good looking appearance. Also – I’m not really into featuring fetish-ists. Oversized this or that is great if that’s what you are into but it’s not really my thing so I prefer not to include it.

“I have seem you are running an online art gallery now. When did it start? How did you get the idea? Does it work?”

I am always interested in showcasing the work of other people and the gallery is an extension of that thinking. I had seen a couple of other galleries similar to mine that featured work of different artists. I was actually featured in one once. Then I was shooting a scene that was set in an art gallery so I had to build the set and in doing so thought – wow, I could actually do this. I talked about it with a close friend or two and they’ve been helpful in getting this set up. It’s a relatively low-effort way to show other people’s work off that deserve to have their pictures seen.

“You are well-known for your movie productions, a very difficult business. How many movies did you produce? Did you appear in?”

I have made probably around 100 movies or so and have performed in probably half of those. I have also been in I think 3 or 4 movies made by other people. I am really proud of any movie that anyone has gotten off to. 🙂

“Which ones make you the most proud?”

Let me give you 3 titles I think are representative:
1) Brazilian Nut

I like this for its color and that I was blending with some elements from RL. Most of all, I think the sex is really hot. I think of us in the film being all sweaty and just sucking and fucking all night. Yum. 🙂

2) A Taste of NP

This is one of a series of ‘Taste Of’ movies I’ve made where I work with another woman. This is one of the best as it required some creative film making and again, the sex is pretty hot, or at least I think it is!

3) Empire

This is a feature length porn film with realistic sets and soundtrack. I am really proud of Empire, my second feature length film. The sex scenes are good – the sets and music are all authentic.

“Do you use video porn portals to publish your videos? Do you prefer to use the blog?”

I have used XVideos, NaughtyMachinima, and PornHub, in addition to my blog. I really should publish to more than one per film but I don’t really do that for sake of time. NaughtyMachinima is great but they restrict film size which causes some problems with longer films.

“If someone new would like to create its first porn video, what advice would you give him or her? Where to do it? With whom? What are the good tools to make a great video?”

The first advice I’d give them is to be very patient. Your first film is not likely going to be great so don’t give up – keep learning and working at it. I use Fraps for screen capture and Movavi for editing – I don’t recommend this as it’s glitchy but it’s one I’m now familiar with. I’ve heard good things about SonyVegas but haven’t used it myself yet. If I keep doing this maybe some day I’ll upgrade. 🙂

“You are also a photographer. How did you come into photography? What do you like or dislike?”

Well I am not really a very strong photographer, honestly. I am frankly not enough of a perfectionist to be really good at it – a lot of the best photographers spend a LOT of time on one pic. However, I like that I can do a point in time kind of thing….my favorites are where I capture a moment of ecstasy in one shot. That’s what I’m most proud of in my pictures.

“Could you pick some of your favourite pictures you’re the most proud of in your flickr stream and tell us why?”

This is from a set I shot with Amia Jordan – we had just shot a film and I was experimenting with taking some pics and I really love this one of her…for me it captures the feminine sensuality of her body.

This was Alyara from a set i did for the blog – I just like the lighting.

Again, I just like the lighting

This one for me captures that beautiful moment of ecstasy

Same with this picture; captures that moment of pure naughtiness – what a great feeling!

Gotta love Bento hands 🙂

“Apart from your blog, what are the platforms you use to promote your work?”

Well, the gallery is a new one – other than that I don’t do much. I’ve considered other options but my time is extremely limited so for now just the blog and the gallery.

“Do you think porn industry in SecondLife has a future? What is harder today than yesterday? And on the contrary what is better?”

Of course it has a future – sex will always drive people. I think the recent advancements in avatar look/feel are amazing, i.e. Bento – the pics are getting better, the films are getting better…the next round of changes that Linden Labs makes could make SL porn really special. The hardest thing about SL Porn continues to be working around people’s schedules. Since this is an international game, which is a GREAT thing, it can be difficult to arrange a shoot with someone from Italy and someone from California. A director has to find the ‘sweet spot’ in their schedule that allows for those 3 people to come together and make something magical.

“What are your next moves and innovations? Is there any activity you are involved we did not mention yet?”

I have a backlog of film ideas I want to get through once I free up some time to do so. I have one other thing I am eager to get into that I shouldn’t talk about yet but you’ll know it when you see it. 🙂

“What a teaser! We are all very curious now. Finally can you please tell me something about you that would surprise people? Something that very few know about you.”

I LOVE to read – I read constantly…and that’s about the only thing that consistently pulls me away from SL. 🙂 Reading is right up there behind collecting orgasms for me!!! 😉


And this is on this last revelation that we finished the interview. I definitely advise that you go on Dog Star Productions blog and check the amazing content there … You might collect orgasms too!

Thanks for reading this interview, see you soon all!


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