Darnell Carter: Pornstar & Escorting Services

Dear all,

I am very proud to introduce you our latest model: Darnell Carter. Darnell is an easy going black guy with a very athletic build and nice role-playing skills. He is very reliable and has always proven available and on-time, which are definitely key to success. Darnell is definitely not new to the adult business, he is himself a freelance escort. Finally he has fully adopted mesh and has a very good looking avatar (ensure to have the last viewer installed to be able to see his bento head). If you want to know more about Darnell, have look at his Flickr.

He is now willing to give a try in the porn business and I wish him all the best of luck into this. I definitely think he can be a good asset in a movie and has the communication skills to promote the movie he will play in.

Please see below the pictures we shot in the studio of SLA Media:

We are chasing male and female models for our producers. If you are interested, contact myself or Caroline (see Castings for pornstars to be).



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