Curty Dovgal, a True Ginger and amazing producer

Dear all,

I had the pleasure to meet Curty Dovgal, a porn producer I am following for quite some time on Flickr. Curty is producing very frequently amazing content, very well done, and she started producing movies as well… Did it spark my interest? Ho yes definitely!

I contacted her and she agreed to setup an interview at her studios. You will see she is an interesting personality, full of creativity and with a naughty mind, hey … what did you expect?

I arrived in a pretty garden surrounding by a huge villa. This is where the studios are set. Curty welcomed me outside, wearing a very sexy outfit from Blacklace. She displayed a large smile and led me in to her office where we started.

Curty Dovgal: “Welcome to True Ginger Photography!”
Catherine Palen: “Thank you!” I said with a smile. “This is a nice property you have Curty!”
Curty Dovgal: “Why Thank you. Please don’t mind the inside. Still under construction a bit.”

I nodded and I gave some explanations to Curty about SLA Media, the company Caroline and I are running. She actually heard about Caroline already, who never did actually?

Catherine Palen: “Our goal is to promote the best producers in the porn business, and definitely your work is amazing!”
Curty Dovgal: “Oh …well thank you. I think I am just really starting…still finding my style if you will.”

The Interview

CP: Do you have any other blogs or media on which you promote your work?
Curty Dovgal: “I do. I have True Ginger Photography blog, I load all my videos on XVideos, XTube, Pornhub and Naughty Machinima.”

CP: How would you describe your art?
Curty Dovgal:  “I make Porn. Pure and simple. I like the classic porn photo or video. I discovered this is a very artistic community. Many do more what they deem Erotica then Porn. I go for base level porn and general fun smut though I do dabble in erotica a little.”

CP: What is your personality? How would you describe yourself?
Curty Dovgal: “I’d like to think I am fun flirty person, always upbeat. I like to be helpful and I am an avid learner. I am 10 years in SL on the same original avatar because I find I never really make enemies. Maybe I am not your type of friend but it is hard to end up really disliking me. I live my SL with a smile.”

CP: How did you come to produce porn? Was it your project when you arrived in SL? Did it come after?
Curty Dovgal: “Hmmm..I really only started in Porn somewhere in October 2016. Three people kind of led me in that direction. A gentleman named Teaser started taking Flickr pictures at the club I worked at and it fascinated me. A lover of mine, Harley Snakeankle, had a porn studio and was in porn and that kind of dragged me in a little more along with watching Isa Cheviot’s video of my then current girlfriend Sofia Lafontaine. So it sprang from there and I started taking lots of pictures and jumping in The Sexiest Group. I also got an interview with Emily which got me excited. The video production didn’t start until about 3 weeks ago.”
CP: “That’s very interesting. Video producers are pretty rare.”
Curty Dovgal: “Hence why I became one. I found after 4+ months in SL Porn I couldn’t get roles.”

CP: About your company …. Why did you decide to own a company? Some producers are just producing with their name. Where the name comes from? What’s the inspiration behind?
Curty Dovgal: “Well…I hate doing anything half assed. If I am gonna jump in I jump in whole heartedly. So I formed True Ginger as a way of beginning to assemble people I could shoot. The inspiration for the name stems from my obvious hair colour and the TG initials are a subtle hint at my gender. I’ll simply quote the mission of my studio for you..’At True Ginger Photography my goal will be to help aspiring talent and to hopefully aid in launching the careers in SL Porn of people of all genders with a nose for aiding aspiring bisexual and transgender stars.’ I want to be a person that includes as many people as I can. I feel their is a small stranglehold on finding film roles. So in my first 7 movies I have cast only 2 previously filmed stars. I want to breathe some life into the Porn landscape a little.”

CP: Very interesting! Caroline and I, we try to find some talents and have identified a few. Would you be interested to meet some of them? More generally, how do you find your actors? What’s your process?
Curty Dovgal: “I stay on the lookout in “The Sexiest” group chat and make contact with new people routinely. I talk to them and will occasionally do a brief shoot or one off shot with them. I have them join my group. Once I begin a production I search my group list for people to fill in roles. And of course I’d be interested to meet new people. My group is open join, so encourage them to join up.”
CP: “I will definitely, thank you. I will be the first of them to join” I said with a smile.
Curty Dovgal: “Oh would you like to star in a film?”
CP: “I definitely would like to… it’s an exciting experience and I am curious of how it works.”

CP: “Now a difficult question….. I would like you to choose in your work three creations, pic or movie, you’re the most proud of, and explain why”
Curty Dovgal: “Sheesh….three huh?”
CP: “Ok four then!” I added kidding her. We both laughed.

Curty Dovgal: “Okay…Well the Film ‘Happy Ending’ has to be among my favorites. I think it is good high quality smut. The lighting hit the right notes and some of the shots are just really good. And 6600 viewers can’t be wrong. Plus I just think Sara is exotically hot.”

Curty Dovgal: “2nd would be ‘The Fucktoy‘. I havn’t seen many people making BDSM films as much and I love the somber feel of this one. Adrena was very much the perfect choice for this one.

Curty Dovgal: “3rd….hmmm….would be this one:”

Curty Dovgal: “This picture…which happens to be the one on the wall here in the office.” she said pointing to the large picture. “It’s just….me. I love the shadowplay in it.”
CP: “I have to say it is amazing!”
Curty Dovgal: “Thank you so much for that compliment.” she said with a smile, nearly embarrassed. “Katina is gonna think I am sucking up to her on my last choice. But I just think this is the perfect picture of an SL Porn icon.”

We decided to move to her private beach for the end of the interview. The beach itself looks completely secluded, I wish I could have swim in the very tempting sea, but I was here to work. “Keep focus!” I told myself.

CP: How many pics and vids did you produce so far? Do you post process your pics? What tools do you use in-world and after? And for vids, what are the tools and technics?
Curty Dovgal: “I produced 8 videos and almost 600 photos. I do post process all of my pictures. I use for that. Sofia showed this tool to me and it’s been invaluable. I also use Lumipro for lighting and Anypose to build the poses for many of my shots. For video I use FRAPS to film and Movavi to edit. I have to credit Isa Cheviot for helping with learning film. She turned me on to her processes.”
CP: “I hope I do not take too much of your time.”
Curty Dovgal: “I have all the time you need. I’d also like to photograph you naked before you go if you’d like.” she added with an inquiring smile.
CP: “Ho well I would be honoured!” I said trying not to jump on my seat. Definitely an offer I could not refuse. She nodded, looking satisfied.

CP: So what are your projects? Any new ideas or concepts you plan to explore?
Curty Dovgal: “I am currently in the middle of a larger film. It will star Dax Rahl and have a slightly larger cast and a few scenes to it. It is a sort of Femdom BDSM film. I think my niche lies somewhere between BDSM and straight Shemale porn. There is enough straight hetero porn out there now so I am keeping to that I know, and as Isa once told me: ‘Make porn that you would want to watch.”

CP: My last question : Could you tell us something about you that might surprise us from what we know of your public profile?”
She chuckled a little before answering with honesty.
Curty Dovgal: “I feel like I put myself completely out there openly and honestly. If there is something you don’t know about me then you don’t read profiles well. I wear many hats. Probably too many. Director, producer, actress, Photographer, model, Club Manager, Escort, Dancer, DJ…to name a few. I don’t think I conceal any shocking secrets.”

I took final notes and finally said: “Ok Curty, I think it’s done. Thank you so much for your time.”

-“Thank you for taking the time to tell my story” she replied with another of her smiles. Shall we get you photographed?” she asked.
-“Sure!” I nodded.

The Shooting

She led the way back inside to where the actual photography studio is. I looked around, a large room, and in the corner was set the little stage on which I was supposed to pose for one of the most talented photographer of SecondLife … Ho yes that was a very exciting moment. She asked me to undress, and I did without any shame or concern, I felt confident under her direction.

As all photographers, she went mute as she worked, focused on her pictures fully. She sometimes snapped a few precise orders and I complied as quick as I could… She shot two poses mainly. Once done she led me back to her office where she did the processing and revealed to me the two shots.

– “I think that is damn hot!” she said. She pointed the pictures on her screen and I came behind her to see the results.
-“Ho my god!” I said amazed. “I… I am speechless. I cannot believe it’s me in the shot.”
-“Ho that’s you alright!” she said amused. “Sometimes it just happens right!” she said modest.
-“Love them! The first one in particular, you’re a magician!” I said very enthusiastically.

Time to say goodbye

Time passed very quickly and I had to say thank you and goodbye to Curty. Still we agreed of a few things before parting:

  • Curty’s movies will be posted on SLA Media very shortly for you dear readers!
  • Her next production will arrive here as soon as it is ready
  • Last news: I am to work again with Curty for a new pictorial for DogStar Productions

Stay tuned !!! 


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