Angela Easton: the Aussie perfectionist

I discovered Angela Easton’s work on her flickr stream. I am always amazed at how many good erotic and porn photographers are hiding on this platform. This is probably the first site in the world for this kind of content. Anyway, I was interested in Angela’s work and asked for an interview. If you can read this, you guessed it, this is because she accepted. So I was invited to her studio, her living place but this is where she installs her sets for her shooting. Now hush, it’s time to discover who Angela Easton is.

-“Since when are you on SecondLife, and what triggered your curiosity to give it a try then?”

I think I was looking for a chat thing and came across it. I have been on it maybe 4 years now.

-“How would you define your work on flickr? What it is? What is your style?”

Honestly? It’s all whimsy and mood. So many ideas don’t make it that far, to flickr I mean.

-“Well the pictures look good to me. How did you come to do those pictures? Was it a friend? Or maybe you’re a photographer in RL? What triggered that envy to create erotic images ?”

The erotic photos usually come from having sex in SL. My mind takes a mental photo of that moment and I try to recreate it later. The models are usually friends. The others, the non sexual photos are just ideas buzzing and landing in the right place.

-“Do you define yourself as a porn photographer or more an amateur one? catching moments?

I would say I am more in catching moments. However I rarely take photos while having SL sex and if I do they don’t usually make it to Flickr. Most are done after the “event”, I am not sure that counts though.

-“Anything counts in art no?”

Perhaps. I think everyone sets its own limits of success and failure.

-“Have you been contacted by studios to work for them? Or other photographers to work or pose for them?”

Yes I have and have done a couple. There are as well random people taking photos of me and sharing them.

-“Do you remember the studios or photographers?”

One was with Ben Bigdipper and the other was for a woman named Isa and her blog Dog Star Productions.

-“Would you like to have more shootings like these?”

I don’t mind at all to be honest. If someone wants to take photos of me or with me, sure … if i have the time.

-“Your time in SL is limited?”

I work during the week, so weekends are the best time for anything. Alas I am Australian which seems to conflict with nearly every time in SL.

-“Could you describe your personality?”

I know what i want and I am not afraid to say it. Not sure there is a word for it.

-“Would you pickup your favourite pics in your stream flickr and tell me why? Let’s say 3-4 pics?yes I know it’s difficult exercise.”

There is this one of me on a pool table, posing. I really like that photo. I just like the angles of it all: whether it’s the pose or the billiard table or the shot angle. It’s been taken while exploring iSwallow studios.

This one is called “I know what guys want”. Everything in that shot i like
the mural in the background, the faces and action, there is a depth of reality to it I like and some fantasy to take me out of it.

I like a lot the “ren and stimpy” series. It was just fun making that set because there were a lot of elements in play like the cartoon I was working on as an animated piece in SL. It was the centre piece of inspiration and I went from there, building the set around it and the clothing choices and the actions.

There is finally one of my earlier photos of me and my friend sitting on a bed, like a truck bed. It’s a very simple photo with no shadows or lighting but i like it because of the poses of us both and it simply is representative of how we talk to one another. Sometimes those little earlier simple photos have more hold on me than ones that took 3 hours to set up.

-“So are you using tools in world? Which ones are they?”

I have Anypose stand, I use that but it sometimes doesn’t allow the joint rotation that I need so I have to use an edit program to make a pose and upload it. That’s all really. I would like to get Lumipro but the cost sets me back so i keep procrastinating.

-“Do you edit the pics afterwards, you post process?”

I have only started to do that to be honest like really editing photos after the fact, like layers and enriching colours. Most of my photos have no editing other than a border or a quick glow edge.

-“What are your plans? Doing more pictures? Starting in movies? New projects? Tell me”

Oh i have a million ideas for photos even movies but they need to get past the “I’m too lazy” stage to become anything more.

-“Do you promote on other platforms than flickr?”

No. Flickr is just a hobby type of thing.

-“OK…. one last question then. Tell us something surprising about you?

I don’t know your audience or my own and I don’t know what would surprise them

-“Then tell us a secret about yourself.”

I am thinking of something naughty to say but then I’m thinking that’s not really a secret to people who know me … and some would probably read your articles. Okay a surprise or secret? to keep in line with what i assume your article and blog and its audience… I think is Second Life I am addicted to a guy hard cock in my mouth. I love thinking about it, I love watching it. Everything about that in Second Life is an addiction to me.

-“Thank you Angela. I think we are done.”

You’re welcome.


I hope I gave you the desire to discover the work of this incredible and perfectionist photographer who can spend hours at preparing a single shot. Is it a yes? Jump on her stream.

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