Alma Love: an italian erotic photographer

Alma is actually a friend of mine. I know her for quite some time and she has been part of a few of my adventures in SecondLife (if you are curious you can jump on my personal blog). Since I know her she takes photographs of the second world, a bit like a testimony of her discoveries and adventures. I follow her flickr stream for ages and I have always been astonished by how singular her photographs are compared to what you can generally find. To me, there is an interesting mix of creativity, research of  a magic scenery, a touch of class and finally a bit of eroticism. I could not reasonably classify Alma as a porn photographer, she cannot be reduced to a model only as well, actually she cannot be classified in any know category. So, I will let you judge by yourself because she accepted an interview that you are about to read. The only thing I can tell you is that her stream is worth checking, and she is even more worth to meet if you have the chance to be online at the same time than her – you have to be very lucky for this -.


-“How would you define your current production on flickr? What do you do exactly? What is your goal?”

Well, strictly saying my Flickr stream is a part of me. I do not consider it a production. It’s a way of being. It’s now a piece of my life, I can not say how much important with certainty, but I think it is important, because I focus myself on it, since more than a year now. And I had no break (only for holidays!). May be the question should be how I define my SL experience? And I can reply, I can’t imagine my SL without photography. When I entered in SL for the first time, I was looking for experiences, living fantasies, may be meeting a person to love (yes, crazy me!). I went for that… but I have been always fascinated by the possibility of taking pictures during SL experience. At the beginning I was not just able to. Then I discovered the Flickr side of SL and a new world opened to me: I started following some nice photographers of SL and I discovered the many possibilities SL photography gives to everyone. There’s no limit, as many SL experiences… So Photography gave me the possibility to mix many aspect in SL that I love: photography, sharing and following nice photographers, being creative, explore the beautiful Sl worlds, live my fantasies and give a form to them, shopping…. yes much fun… I started learning, and I’m still improving. What I do exactly? I explore, and take pictures. No ideas… just explore, pose and shot… and hope someone can catch the same emotion I had doing the shot. I’m so grateful to everybody who gave me a fav… or left a comment. I love that. This makes me feel closer to others. My goal? Improving… yes I hope to becoming better and better with experience. There are real masters out there… I’m just a beginner.

-“Do you publish your work on other medias?”

I don’t. I love Flickr and the way it is organised, I mean for SL. Many residents are there, and I want to share SL passion for photography, so I go with Flickr only.

-“Do you own a company to promote your work? When did you start and how? What did trigger this envy to create photographs?”

I do not promote my pictures (I set my flickr account to adult to not hurt the sensibility to anybody) and I started very soon… when I entered in SL. Well at the beginning I took screenshots of the screen (lol)… fortunately I discovered soon that there was an option to take pictures in-world… then to learn I read some blogs and I learned from some friends of mine. Many has given me some useful hints and tips… and everyone was precious.
Trigger? I enter in Sl and I start thinking of photos… it’s more than an hobby, as I said, is a part of me, of my life, the RL one.

-“How do you select your models? Do you go through agencies, or do you do the selection yourself?”

Most of my pics are picturing me only… when I’m with others… there are friends, who shared with me beautiful moments and have the same passion for photos, and agreed to share. I do not select models… but, yes, I confess, I hope to find someone to share with more passion… and photography, or passion for photography, I’m not sure of words order… 🙂

-“Would you be interested to get model suggestion from our agency SLA Media?”

Yes this could be very interesting, as I said I’m looking for someone to share with my passion. My only limit is the limited time I have for SL… sigh

-“How many pics did you produce so far?”

Let me check…. they are 1770 now… but I confess, I have some 30 I have not shared yet…..

-“Do you plan to do movies as well?”

Not for the moment. First because of the problem of time, as I said. Second because I’m not sure of the result. I like nice results… and I have not seen till now something that catches me like photos. Who knows in the future?

-“What tools do you use for your work? (Tools in world, props etc …).”

First I look for a place I like. New sims are always my first search. Windlight settings are the second step. Anypose for posing… and Lumipro the great tool for photography! Most of the time I use sims backgrounds, just sometimes I do my own set, and in some cases I use props combined with poses.

-“Do you process the pictures afterwards? What are your tools and tips?”

Yes I do a little bit of editing, but I like to keep the natural effect of SL, so not so invasive editing. I use online picmonkey… no photoshop… few seconds editing for each photo. Tips… well correct the frame and adjust contrast and saturation, most of all…

-“Could you please pick a few pics in your collection you’re the most proud of and tell us why?”

I do not consider the personal shots, the moments (romantic and passionate) that I shared with friends (and more than this), they are out of the list.

How not love this beautiful dress? When I shoot I dreamt of wearing it and living as in a fable. Touching my neck gave me that impression. I hope you can feel it, looking at picture.

This one is one I like more. I love the setting, the lights, the dress and the pose. It’s romantic, dreamful, suspended. The real essence of SL for me.

Here is the essence of finding a beautiful place in SL. You find the place, you play with WL, and make an idea. A fallen lighthouse, a pose for saving. The contrast between the red and the dark sea… yes I love it

I love elegance in this shot and the pink/grey colours. Elegance is important for me.

What should have felt Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct? I thought many times at that… it should be so electrifying taking that scene, and thinking on how many eyes are over you… I took a shot to try!!!

But I love all the pictures that have made me feel: “yes it’s me”.

-“What are your next projects? What are your new ideas?”

More erotics (yes… I love that too) and may be start to shot also landscapes. And improve, improve, improve…

-“To finish that interview, would you tell us something about you that maybe people would be surprised to learn.”

I take inside my heart all the people I met in SL. Now I have not so much time to meet people in-world and I know to have made suffer some people in SL and I’m sorry for that. Photos are my way to express myself and communicate. I hope I can reach someone with something. As I said you can see a part of me there, my fantasies, my feelings, my dreams. And one more thing: a person inspired me a lot in SL (but she’s interviewing me so probably she will ban this sentence!). I do not pretend to surprise anybody, I’m already very surprised myself of being interviewed! Let me thank you so much for the opportunity.


Such an interesting character isn’t it? I would like to mention that all credits go to Alma for the pictures. As you may have noticed Alma is probably a lot more reserved than the artists I usually interview, however she is getting more and more bold. As an example I selected for you a few of her more “hot” pictures from her stream:

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Thank you Alma and continue the good work … be more daring !!


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